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3D AOI(Automated Optical Inspection)
May 08, 2018

Artificial Intelligence Technology

The research of artificial intelligence technology includes language recognition, image recognition, natural language processing, and expert systems. It involves almost all disciplines in the natural sciences and social sciences, including computer science, psychology, philosophy, and linguistics. Artificial intelligence technology tries to understand the essence of intelligence, realize the simulation of human's consciousness and thinking process, and give robots intelligent behaviors and abilities such as learning, reasoning, thinking, planning, etc., so that robots can achieve higher levels of application. Complex work that intelligence can accomplish.


Big data technology

Big data technology is a powerful backing for intelligent robots. The arrival of the era of big data has provided new impetus for the rapid development of intelligent robots, and it also provides more possibilities for intelligent robots to achieve further technological breakthroughs. The core value of big data technology lies in the storage and intelligent analysis of massive data. We will effectively and inexpensively access, retrieve, classify, and categorize data that are huge in quantity, variety in variety, extremely low in value, and rapidly changing in nature, and tap into the significance of big data for intelligent robots.


The huge knowledge base is an important part of big data technology and it is also one of the key points for the development of intelligent robots. The knowledge base can provide a rich "nutrition" for intelligent robots, thus creating a "full" robot.

Cloud computing technology

Intelligent robots are the clients of cloud computing, and cloud computing is the nerve center of intelligent robots, which determines the perception, movement and thinking of the entire robot. At the same time, cloud computing expands the robot's ability to use resources. Its mass storage capabilities provide unlimited possibilities for enhancing the memory of intelligent robots. The stronger the storage capacity, the more things that can be identified, so cloud computing directly determines intelligence. Robot's memory. In addition, cloud computing can realize the sharing of many robot resources, reduce storage costs, enable cheap development of robots, and facilitate the construction of large robot networks; another super function of cloud computing is computing power, which can give each client the ability to calculate the entire cloud. This gives the robot enough logical reasoning capabilities to reduce robot R&D costs.

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