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Why choose a nozzle cleaner?
Apr 21, 2018

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1. Component miniaturization: The rapid development of the electronics industry has led to the miniaturization of components, and 0402,0201 components are becoming more and more popular and used in large numbers. Smaller components will soon appear. The miniaturization of the components will inevitably require the miniaturization of the corresponding nozzles of the placement machines. This poses a problem for the cleaning of the suction nozzles. If the large suction nozzles can also be washed by alcohol, fine needle through holes can be used. Now, only a few micron apertures of small suction nozzles can't do anything. When clogging occurs, it has to be scrapped.

2. Smaller spacing: Today's electronic devices require smaller and more powerful devices, so components on the circuit board are increasingly denser and the spacing is getting smaller and smaller. If there is a slight deviation in the past, it will not affect too much. But now it will cause an increase rate of defective products.

3. Lead-free effect: Due to the good activity of lead, if there is a slight deviation in the patch, it can be corrected after reflow, but after lead-free, the activity of copper is greatly weakened. If there is deviation in the patch, then there is no chance of a correction.

4. To sum up, the higher and higher precision of the patch is required, and the difference is less than one hundred millimeters. The design precision of the placement machine is already quite high, but due to the influence of various factors, its performance is greatly compromised, and the uncleanness of the suction nozzle is also an important factor.


Economic benefits:

1. Reduce the purchase cost of the nozzle

The scrapping of suction nozzles is often caused by dirty or accident-related accidents. After using this machine can fundamentally solve the problem. The original suction nozzles are expensive, and most of them are more than a thousand dollars. In the long run, the economic benefits are considerable.

2. Reduce unnecessary labor

Traditional cleaning methods require a large amount of manual processing. After using TNW-12RF, no special person is required to complete the process,which is completely done by the machine.

3. Reducing the defective rate of the product.

The unclean and less suction force of the suction nozzle is very likely to cause the sliding of the components and the occurrence of the material ejection phenomenon, resulting in an increase in the defective rate of the product.

4. Improve SMT production efficiency

Correct cleaning allows the nozzle to work in a completely new state, avoiding identification errors and greatly increasing productivity.


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