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What is the reason for the solder paste press to keep the alarm?
Mar 13, 2018

In the normal operation of the solder paste printing machine, there may be a variety of reasons, and then a series of alarm reasons. As long as it is mechanical equipment, in the operation of the time, will be more or less the existence of problems. So active understanding of all kinds of reasons for the alarm of the solder paste printing machine can adopt correct treatment measures to deal with the cause of the alarm. Next, we will listen to the professionals to explain the reasons for the common alarm for the solder paste printing machine.

The cause of the alarm 1: there is an incomplete situation in the net under the solder paste

There are 5 possible reasons for this time: first, the opening of the equipment is blocked. Second, the selected solder paste evaporated. Third. There is a great difference in the uniformity of the selected alloy particles. Fourth. The scraper beside the equipment has the condition of severe wear. The steel mesh at the bottom of the fifth, there are equipment among the dirt and other debris, and then the effect of cleaning operation.

Treatment methods: the operator can first choose the things that meet the requirements, and the surface of the steel net and the related opening part of the equipment are clean and clean. Then choose good solder paste and update the worn scraper or other parts beside the equipment. Keep in mind that it is important to pay attention to the preservation and environment of the solder paste, and the temperature and humidity are very important.

Cause of alarm two: the failure of the equipment to collapse

There are also 5 reasons for the collapse of the edge. First, it may be that the pressure of the scraper beside the equipment is not in accordance with the standard and is too large.  Second, it may also be due to the excessive and delicate alloy powder near the solder paste. Third, if the increasing flux of the equipment is too large, it will also lead to such a situation.  Fourth, if the operator is not strong enough to locate the PCB, it will also appear the phenomenon of collapse. Fifth, the steel net near the equipment has the condition of deformation.

Treatment method: the operator can first adjust the pressure of the scraper beside the equipment to conform to the strength of the standard. Then choose something to fix the circuit board from the head. And select the suitable equipment for the solder paste. It is only necessary to replace the new steel net for the steel net problem.

These two alarm reasons are often encountered by many operators in the process of operation, we made a brief summary and the explanation of the coping methods. I hope we can help us to make better use of the solder paste printer.

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