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What happens if the automatic soldering machine work abnormally?
Apr 14, 2018

The automatic soldering machine is a very intelligent soldering robot. With the development of society today, more and more factories will use automated equipment such as automatic soldering machines for production.  Many people do not know how to reject the problem when soldering robots have problems. After all,he automatic soldering robot is a high-tech product. We will talk about how to solve the problems of automatic soldering machine.



 Leak soldering

A good understanding of leaky welding is that when the weldment is welded, the place where the weldment must be welded is not welded. The reason for this is mainly due to the following reasons. The first point is that when the iron head is working, there is no welding. At this point, if this situation is encountered, it is sufficient to solve the problem of adjusting the locomotive iron line so that the welding head touches the solder joint and no solder leakage occurs.


Continuous soldering

Continuous soldering generally refers to the fact that two or more solder joints that are in close proximity to each other during soldering process are stuck together. The reason for this phenomenon is that either the amount of tin delivered is too large or the gap between two points is too small. In this case, first reduce the amount of tin, and then see if it is the correct position of the iron head. If it is not correct, it should be adjusted in time.


Insufficient soldering

The Insufficient soldering of weldment is the surface after the welding seen as good soldering, in fact the soldering point is very unstable or it can be simply understood that the lack of tin delivery. The main reason for this is the iron head stuck   in the solder joints with lack of time or the lower temperature. Therefore, to solve this problem, it is necessary to adjust the stay time and raise the temperature.

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