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What are the important structures of the screw machine?
May 05, 2018

  Six safety issues in the operation of the screw machine:

 The safety issue of the enterprise has always been undeniable in the production process. With the increase in the number of companies using screw machines in the country, the safety issue has become more important. The automatic screwing function can improve the efficiency of the enterprise and reduce the labor cost. So we should pay attention to the safety of the screw machine in the use.

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Safety precautions for using automatic screw machines:

1. The user of the automatic screw machine is responsible for the daily inspection and maintenance of the machine, as well as daily inspection and maintenance records.

2. Formulate a regular inspection system for safety technology performance. According to the safety performance and technical parameters of the automatic screw machine, check it regularly to ensure the safety of the screw machine during the operation.

3. The use of the operator must be trained in the appropriate safety techniques and can be used only after passing the assessment.

4. Strictly implement the management system of the safe use and operation of the post responsibility system, safety operation procedures, routine inspections, maintenance, etc.

5. A handover system was developed for the nature of the use of automatic screw machines. Machines that are used in shifts or collectively in shifts shall be fully responsible by the person in charge of the shift. The screw machine used by the person in charge shall be fully responsible for its safety.

6. The automatic screw machine must be installed and commissioned strictly in accordance with the instructions for use and the technical requirements of the installation. For the specific safety precautions, you can also consult your supplier or contact us directly, we will also provide you with professional answers.


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