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Type of pcb separator
Mar 13, 2018

PCB board machine usually refers to PCB SMT board machine, that is, board SMT board machine. PCB board machines are widely used in electronic product manufacturing. Because the traditional manual folding method has a very strong stress and has a serious impact on product quality, the manual folding board has basically been replaced by a machine board.

PCB board machines can now be divided into the following types:

1, knife-type sub-board machine, 2, punching SMT board machine, 3, milling cutter type SMT board machine, 4, laser SMT board machine.

The advantages and disadvantages of the above four PCB board machines:

Cutting knife

Advantages: Low cost Disadvantages: Only straight-line boards can be used. There are rough edges.

Punching machine

Advantages: First-time input cost is low and speed is high. Disadvantages: Due to the need for special models, the cost of the later period is high. Stressful

Milling cutters

Advantages: Can be divided into any shape, the stress is very small, cutting edges without edges. Disadvantages: The first time the cost is greater.

Laser splitter

Advantages: At the same time, it has the advantages of milling cutter-type SMT splitters, and can differentially cut PCB boards without stress. Disadvantages: The machine is expensive.

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