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Two easy-to-ignore issues for automatic screwing machine
May 24, 2018

The use of automatic screw machines in the industry is becoming more and more frequent, and it is clear to you that the two automatic screw machines are the most easily overlooked problems and maintenance. Today we come to tell you about it.

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1, Automatic screw machine from the design and principle of it, in terms of it does not have any major shortcomings, but many times we will ignore a problem, that is, the quality of the screw! Domestic screw manufacturers produce screw defective products which are relatively more foreign than foreign ones. For example, big heads, flat heads, and batch fronts are automatic killing screws for screw machines. It is deadly for automatic screwing machines, so when selecting screws, it is also Questions that deserve our serious consideration.


2. First of all, we must be clear about the reasons for screws and slides. The most important one is the card machine, sliding teeth (lock is not tight), and flower head, which are caused by the poor quality of screws. Or manufacturers to solve the screw quality is not good and change the size of the design caused by, for most screw machine manufacturers can not be solved, is the death! ! ! The other is the problems of the machine itself, such as the materials used, the technology used, and the brand used in the electronic parts, but these are not big problems because powerful manufacturers can solve the problem. Card machines are caused by defective screws, and so-called sliding teeth and flower heads are caused by two reasons. The first is the design of the structure itself, the second is the screw machine manufacturers to solve the deformed screw and increase all screw machine channel, including electric batch nozzle, electric nose nozzle is too large diameter is the biggest cause of floating teeth, flower head !

How should we extend the life of automatic screw machines after we purchase? Here's a simple way to teach everyone how to clean and maintain:

Any machine or equipment needs regular cleaning and maintenance. If it takes a long time, the machine equipment will be easily damaged and at the same time it will greatly shorten the service life. Therefore, when using an automatic locking screw machine, daily cleaning and maintenance are also required. The specific operation is as follows: If you do not use it for a long time, please turn off the power. Periodically conduct ventilation and check performance. Periodic cleaning automatically hits the outer surface of the chassis of the screw machine. If you don't use it for a long time, wipe it with an oily cloth as much as possible to minimize water. Periodically clean the screw track to ensure that the screw is smooth in the track. Periodic cleaning of screw silos, usually using high-pressure gas blowing out of the residue in the silo. Periodically clean the feeding system to ensure a smooth feeding system. It is recommended to add some grease to the moving parts. Keep the automatic screw machine ventilated and dry. Check often, if there are any problems or need repairs, please contact the manufacturer in time, do not disassemble it yourself.

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