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Tips for using automatic solder paste printers
Jun 04, 2018


1. Open the switch, machine is zero, and select the program.

2. Install the support frame: adjust the track width, move the baffle cylinder, open the transport switch, place the board in the center of the track, press the button to make the board reach the specified position, and press the track clamp button.

3. Adjust the position of MARK2 so that it corresponds to the “Ten” character of the computer's cross-section. Confirm that the production data is correct and click OK.

4. Install stencils and scrapers in order: press the production settings, open the mediation window, and click Start Production.

5. Add solder paste on the steel plate. The amount of solder paste added is higher than the scraper 1 / 3 lower than the scraper 2 / 3 as the benchmark.

6. Before the printing, visually inspect the printed solder paste that it cannot be biased, even tin, less tin, cutting, uneven thickness and so on.

7. The first person to print is confirmed by the quality personnel, and after confirming OK, the operator can work normally.

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