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The method of adding tin on automatic soldering machine
Apr 23, 2018

When using the automatic soldering machine,we should pay attention to the following matters:


1. First select the appropriate solder. If soldering electronic components, low melting point solder wire should be used.

2. Then select the appropriate flux. Fluxes generally use 25% of rosin mixed with 75% alcohol.

3. The method of adding tin on automatic soldering machine:heat the soldering iron to a certain temperature, so that it can just melt solder, coat with flux, the solder evenly is coated on the tip.

4. Pay attention to the method of soldering:coat the flux and then use a soldering iron to dip a small amount of solder to contact the solder joint.After the solder on the solder joint has completely melted and immersed in the component lead, the soldering iron tip is gently lifted off the solder joint along the pin of the component.

5. The soldering time of automatic soldering machine should not be too long, otherwise it may scald the components, you can use tweezers to clamp the pins to help heat.

6. Solder joints of automatic soldering machine should have a sinusoidal peak shape, the surface should be bright and smooth, without thorn, and tin volume is moderate.

7. When finish soldering, we should use alcohol to clean the remaining flux on the circuit board to prevent the carbonized flux from affecting the normal operation of the circuit.

8. The integrated circuit should be finally soldered, and the soldering iron should be reliably grounded, or it should be welded with residual heat after power off. Or use a dedicated socket for an integrated circuit and plug it in after soldering.

9. Soldering machine should be on the iron stand.

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