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The Introduction of SMT Equipment
Apr 09, 2018

What is SMT Equipment?

SMT is a surface assembly technology and is currently the most popular technology and process in the electronics assembly industry. The SMT equipment refers to the machines and equipment used in the SMT processing. The most basic equipment includes: automatic printers, pick and place machines, conveyor,loader and unloader, multi-zone reflow soldering machine,AOI,SPI and so on.

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What are the major function of SMT Equipment?

SMT equipment is mainly used for SMT processing. Common SMT equipment and functions are as follows:

1. Loader machine: place PCB in Rack and then automatically be sent to the suction plate machine.

2. Suction machine: automatically pick up the PCB to place on the track, then transmit to the PCB Printing Machine.

3. PCB Printing Machine: print solder paste or red glue on PCB.

4. High-speed pick and place machine: use editing program to place on the components of the specified parts, which is characterized by fast loading.

5. Conveyor:the equipment of transmitting PCB boards.

6. Reflow soldering: Use the temperature setting to complete the soldering action of solder paste and parts.

7. Unloader :  collecting PCBs in magazine through the transmission track.

8. AOI: Automated Optical Inspection, is an equipment based on the optical principle to detect common defects encountered in soldering production. AOI is a new type of test technology that has only emerged in recent years with rapid development. At present, many manufacturers have introduced AOI test equipment. When automatically detected, the machine automatically scans the PCB through the camera, collects images, and compares the tested solder joints with the qualified parameters in the database. After image processing, the defects on the PCB are detected, and the defects are displayed or marked,which is convenient for the maintenance personnel to work.

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