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The function and use of Automatic dispensing machine
May 04, 2018

   With portable handheld electronic products, the requirements for the core dispensing technology for the electronics industry are also increasing, high-viscosity liquid micro-jet technology, the principle of micro-fluidic technology for high-viscosity fluids, and jet technology for UV curing of electronic devices. The application on the adhesive is very successful.

Automatic dispensers have extremely high coating efficiency in arc spray painters. Dispensing machine spraying efficiency up to 500-1200 square meters per hour, is more than 10 times the traditional roller construction. With excellent surface quality. Dispenser spray coating is flat, brilliance, fine, no brush marks, roller marks, and particles, can extend the service life of the coating, can make the paint particles deepen the wall space, make the paint film also constitute a mechanical wall bite, enhance the coating Adhesion, extended service life. The active spray painter has the hard-to-scratch area where he can easily occupy corners, open spaces, and unevenness, saving more paint.

   During the use of the automatic dispenser, we should have four fixation.

     1. Fixed use personnel: According to the fixed-person system, choose the workers with strong sense of responsibility, high technical level and practical experience in this type of work to perform operations, and as far as possible remain relatively stable.

   2. Fixed operation and maintenance procedures: The operation and maintenance procedures will be compiled on a model-by-machine basis, placed in an eye-catching position, and strictly implemented.

    3. Fixed maintenance personnel: The qualified enterprises may organize specialized maintenance teams that are responsible for maintaining, inspecting, adjusting, and repairing the critical equipment of dispensers. Otherwise, they shall also designate persons with high technical skills to take charge of the inspections.

    4.Fixed the most appropriate maintenance methods, including regular inspection, condition monitoring, precision adjustment and repair, etc., and give priority to arrangements. In terms of spare parts, it is necessary to determine the reserve quota and give priority to reserve according to the supply situation.

     In the process of using "Four fixation", it is also necessary to keep the device's appearance clean at any time.


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