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The feature of Laser PCB Depaneling Machine
Jun 15, 2018

The feature of Laser PCB Depaneling Machine:

1. Neat and smooth edge, no burr or overflow

2. More quick and easy, shorten the delivery time;

3. High quality ,no distortion,surface clean& uniformity;

4. Gathering the CNC tech,laser tech,software tech…High accuracy,High speed

No mechanical stress on substrates or circuits

No tooling cost or consumables.

Versatility ability to change applications by simply changing settings

Fiducial Recognition more precise and clean cut

Optical Recognition before PCB depaneling/singulation process begins.

Ability to depanel virtually any substrate. (Rogers, FR4, ChemA, Teflon, ceramics, aluminum, brass, copper, etc)

Extraordinary cut quality holding tolerances as small as < 50 microns.

No design limitation ability to cut virtually and size PCB board including complex contours and multidimensional boards


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