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The Development Trend of Modern Silk Screen PCB Printing Machine Technology
Jul 19, 2018

Modern electronic information technology is a general term for sensing technology (information detection, transformation, display), computer technology, communication technology, and microelectronic technology. The rapid development of electronic information technology and its industry not only makes production automation, production efficiency increase hundreds of times, cost is greatly reduced, product quality continues to improve, but also opens up a new era of machine replacement of human physical strength and even part of mental labor. . Electronic information technology has penetrated into all areas of the national economy and completely changed the traditional way of production. According to statistics, 65% of the world's gross national product is now related to integrated circuits.


The so-called modern silk screen electronic PCB printing machine technology refers to the new technology generated by the combination of electronic information technology and screen printing technology with a long history. It is a special field in the screen printing industry. Its most prominent feature is the integration of screen PCB printing machine technology and electronic information technology. Its products not only have the distinctive features of screen PCB printing machine technology, but also have electronic information technology. The distinctive feature is precisely because of its dual characteristics, so the products of electronic screen PCB printing machine technology have high technology content and high value-added return. In short, electronic screen PCB printer technology refers to an emerging modern screen printing technology with electronic information technology features combined with electronic information technology and screen printing technology.

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Examples of electronic screen PCB printer products:

(1) Screen printing / wet film technology

Wet film (photoimageable anti-electroplating ink coating) technology is a variety of high-precision high-density double-sided or multi-layer printed circuit boards and SMT, PCB is the preferred image generation technology in flexible printed circuit board manufacturing technology, wet The fine lines made by membrane technology can reach 0.08mm or even finer.

(2) Solder mask ink and screen printing/marker coating technology.

(3) Silver paste or carbon paste through hole technology.

(4) PCB printing machine, carbon film PCB manufacturing technology.

(5) Conductive adhesive or conductive paste/screen printing technology suitable for use in multi-layer board manufacturing technology in ultra-high performance electronic products.

(6) Screen printing buried resistor manufacturing technology in multilayer PCB manufacturing technology.

(7) High-precision screen printing technology for tin paste/template high-precision screen printing technology in SMT technology and BGA rework in SMT technology.

(8) Screen printing technology in the manufacturing technology of grating sheets (discs) or grids, code discs, etc., in the production of the above products, the production unit has easily obtained neat, well-proportioned fine lines and fines of 0.012 mm width. Distance, and has formed a large-scale production capacity.

(9) Screen printing technology for large scale integrated circuit frames and screen printing technology for thick film integrated circuits.

(10) Screen printing technology in touch screen manufacturing technology.

(11) Liquid crystal/screen printing technology. 1 computer LCD display. 2 Mobile phone, business communication, electronic dictionary and screen printing technology in various electronic instrument manufacturing technologies

(12) Screen printing technology in the manufacture of solar cells.

(13) Screen printing technology in the manufacturing technology of PTC main heating elements.

(14) Screen printing technology in disposable mobile phone manufacturing technology.

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