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The common sense and precautions of the pcb separator
Mar 13, 2018

1, in the actual operation process, PCB sub board machine can adjust different segmentation speed according to different PCB boards, and it can play a role of safety protection in the actual operation process.

2, the PCB board machine in the actual operation, its upper circle knife equipped with a blade, in the actual operation, is not cutting the finger of the knife.

3, PCB in the actual application process, equipped with a protective induction device, if there is foreign body in the middle, then the sub board opportunity to stop working, to avoid injury.

4, PCB in the actual operation process, the position of his upper and lower knife can be adjusted according to his own needs, so that it is easy for us to maintain and adjust the equipment.

5, PCB in the actual process, the high-speed steel material selected by him can play an excellent wear-resistant role, and can greatly increase the service life of the equipment.

6, replace the manual cutting board or V-CUT and other stress damage, the product is greatly improved.

7, equipped with CCD auxiliary program correction function, the operation is simple and easy to understand.

Automatic MARK point positioning function 8, with a visual image of the moving track, range finding, tool life and flash flash output accounting function.

9, equipped with a strong dust collecting dust equipment to ensure clean and clean dust.

10. The work can be replaced by the double working table, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

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