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SMTfly Automatic Soldering Machine is Your First Choice
May 14, 2018

Dual-head automatic soldering machine is currently the more mainstream automated equipment that replaces manual soldering operation. Double heads work at the same time and achieve double efficiency. For welding a variety of electronic components, such as capacitance led, array, wire, switches, chargers, electro-acoustic products, transformers, pcb and other components. Often used in consumer electronics, automotive electronics, medical electronics, led lighting and other fields.

Reason of using automatic soldering machine instead of artificial:

The wages have risen, the mobility of employees has increased dramatically, the living requirements are high, the staff shortage problem is serious, and the cost of labor increases.

Easy to manage: Machines are better managed than people, saving management costs;

Reduce the harm to employee health;

The machine welding effect is consistent and stable;

Automatic soldering machine welding efficiency faster than people, improve work efficiency.

   With the gradual maturity of automatic soldering machine technology and the deepening of the standardization, the technology of automatic soldering machine manufacturers is similar, and there is not much difference in essence.

Our company owns more than 10% R&D personnel, and independently develops software, electrics, and structures, and continuously increases research and development costs to optimize the delivery of tin, rotary shafts, standardized production of the whole machine, optimization of PLC programs, etc.

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