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Pick and Place Machine daily operation points
Jun 06, 2018

The Pick and Place Machine is actually a kind of precision industrial robot and is a combination of mechanical-electro-optical and computer control technologies. It achieves the quick and accurate placement of SMC/SMD components to the specified pad location on the PCB without damaging the components and the printed circuit board through suction-displacement-positioning-placement functions.


1. check the patch machine

A: Check whether the air source power is normal before starting the machine, whether the safety cover is properly covered, and whether the suction feeder is properly installed and whether there is foreign matter in the machine. B: Before the daily startup, check the suction nozzle: whether the suction nozzle is damaged or if the nozzle arm is stagnant Good elasticity, feeder platform is clean

2. the boot operation to open the machine power switch, check whether the emergency button release, safety cover is covered, press the READY button on the handle, the display below the "EMERGENCYSTOP" message disappears.

3. the Pick and Place Machine back to the original operation

Select menu 1/1/D2 to return to the machine origin and the machine will automatically return to origin.

4. the Pick and Place Machine for warming operation

Select menu 1/1/D1 to warm up, press the space bar to select the warm-up time, about 1015 minutes.

5. choose the machine production data

If the last production data is produced, this item will be skipped. Otherwise, press F2 to select the production data. After the selection, the type of nozzles installed on each head of this data will appear.

6.check the Pick and Place Machine feeder is installed properly

Select Menu 1/1/D4 Arrangement to check feeder installation and data.

7. adjust the printed circuit board positioning system

Run the application/transmission unit via menu 1/1/D4 and manually position the printed circuit board to check if each positioning device can work properly.

8. SMT machine officially started production

Select 1/1/A2 to run automatically. The machine is in waiting state, waiting for the printed circuit board of the machine on the production line to transfer input. After the printed circuit board enters the machine, the machine will automatically produce. After the production is completed, the machine will send to the next machine. The technician inspects the first block of printed circuit board. Whether it is correct, after OK, pay it to the manufacturer for confirmation and then send it to the IPQC for confirmation. If data modification is not performed correctly, confirm production after OK.

9. the Pick and Place Machine after the completion of the operation

After the production of the Pick and Place Machine is completed, select menu 1/1/A2 to stop production, and the machine will automatically stop production.

10. after the completion of production on the patch machine operation

Select 0/exit, the machine will return to origin, and request that the emergency stop switch be pressed to require shutdown. At this time, the machine's main switch is turned off.


Special reminder, the Pick and Place Machine is a very sophisticated automation equipment, and the technical requirements for the environment and operating personnel are also relatively high. When operating the Pick and Place Machine, it is necessary to strictly install the operating rules of the Pick and Place Machine. The Pick and Place Machine operator must be trained to be skilled.

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