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Overview of PCB Separator
May 21, 2018

In the process of cutting the PCB, the traditional manual manual folding is used. Although the timeliness is fast, the electrical circuit and parts of the PCB and the tin are often caused by the uneven force and the angular position of the folded plate. In view of this, the V-CUT machine automatically cuts the PCB machine and the SMT production process is more suitable for production operations.

Advantages of PCB separators: PCB separators have high work efficiency in production. PCB separators are a kind of mechanized equipment in modern society. With the help of PCB separators, they can greatly increase their productivity. Improve the development of the company. When the PCB board machine is working, it is very safe. When any company is producing, it pays attention to the product's quality and pays attention to the product's production safety.

Steady operating mechanism to prevent improper external force caused PCB solder surface, solder joints, and other electrical circuit damage to reduce the stress of the sub-board to prevent cracking of solder joints, special circular knife material design to ensure the smoothness of the PCB cutting surface, cutting stroke distance using touch Control-type five-section adjustment, can quickly replace the different PCB size installation of high-frequency eye protection lighting device, improve the operator's job quality and strengthen the safety device to avoid human injury.



Pcb cutting machine features:

1. Dedicated V-CUT PCB sub board, does not hurt the PCB

2. The length of cutting board is 100,200,300,400

3. According to the plate, the plate thickness can choose the cutting speed, can be customized according to the demand of the manufacturer

4. According to the plate, the thickness of the knife to adjust the height of the knife to better and accurately cut, can cut the thickness of 0.2-3.2mm, the remaining thickness of the standard V tank 1/3

5 can be configured with another conveyor, cut out the PCB board can automatically send the cutter position

1. The safety protection device can be configured to automatically alarm if a human body or object enters the cutter zone.



The advantages of the sub-board machine are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Sub-machine related classification and knowledge introduction Sub-machine in the practice of the operation process is divided into many different types. However, during the internship operation, the use of PCB depaneling machine and automatic PCB Separator, FPC pulse welding machines, and pulsed hot press welders, compared to other cutter, is relatively a bit more. However, do you know the advantages of using these sub-machines?

During the internship operation, the advantage of these pcb cutters are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1, with a humanized plan, in the practice of the operation process, the speed can be based on their own internship needs, to carry out the appropriate scheduling.

2, in the practice of the operation process, is equipped with some optional fluorescent lamps to perform the corresponding operation. In addition, its switching conditions can be arbitrarily controlled.

3, the distance between the upper and lower blades can be based on the different sheet, and the different needs of different users, to carry out the appropriate scheduling, and then go to use, easy for our internship and maintain

4, in the internship operation process, some of its circuits, is the Austrian power integrated approach to carry out the corresponding operation. Convenient for our safe operation and maintenance.

5, a variety of different cut length options, in addition to our internship operations, but also conducive to our internship switching function, useful forward power

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