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Knowledge of Hotbar Soldering Machine,SMTfly-PC1A
Mar 31, 2018


SMTfly-PC1A bonding machine is a kind of rotary pulse bonding equipment, which is stable in heating up, good in bonding effect and high in performance. High efficiency and stable heating as well as rotary table greatly improve the production efficiency.  One of two ways (single / double platform) can be selected to improve the flexibility of the machine.


 How to maintain


1. Every 5000 times operations check for indentation, deformation and uneven.

2. Replace the thermode every 80000 times operations.

3. Wipe with alcohol before use.



1. After long term use, some rosin will be accumulated on the fixture. To ensure the level between the thermode and the product, it is necessary to clean the surface of the fixture every day.

2. Check the wear degree every 5000 times operations.

3. Replace fixture every 200000 times operations.



1.When changing the thermode,fixture and products, the temperature recorder is used to determine the difference between the actual temperature of the product hot-press surface and the preset temperature of the controller.

2.Rotary table: clean it once a day.

 Notes on use

1. To prevent damage,it is absolutely not allowed to have solid debris, such as tin crushing, between the thermode and the product when in soldering operation.

2. If it is FPC bonding, the bonding contact surface must be coated with qualified rosin flux before bonding.

3. If operating the IC product, you must wear an ESD wrist strap to prevent the IC from being damaged by static electricity.

4. If you find the case on the signal light is red, immediately stop the operation until the fault completely ruled out, the display is green can continue.


Note: Depending on the product, different soldering parameters are required. The soldering effect is achieved through continuous improvement of the soldering parameters. It is recommended that customers use multiple samples to test and confirm that they meet the soldering requirements and put into production.


According to experience, the soldering effect depends on the fixture (to determine the welding position) and the soldering system (to determine the soldering temperature heating rate), the customer should pay more attention to the fixture and the soldering position when making samples.

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