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How to Use PCB Separator, CWVC-3S?
Jun 16, 2018

1. Installation and Adjustment

1.1 Installation

1.1.1 Machine can be movable through forklift, short distance can be hand-carried


1.1.2 Fisrt and kindly check accessories: instruction manual, pedal & power cable


         1.1.3 Remove the wooden case, place the machine on the table which should be flat and stable wipe the blade rust-proof oil


                1.1.4 To avoid electrostatic damage to components, machine frame should be ground connection.


                1.1.5 Machine should be placed in a smooth and stable working platform

2. Operation principles

2.1 Connect power, running 2 minutesadjust speed to medium speed position, insert v-groove pcb into blade slotthree blads press PCB at same timeAdjust upper blades adjustment button if cutting effect is not goodUpper blades adjustment principles: highest first blade, followed by the second and third lowest blade, 3 blades cut off pcbs together. In generally, upper blades are aligned with lower blades, or slightly lower 0-0.2mm.

        2.2 Motor speed controller adjustment principlesthe faster motor drivers, the smaller force, the slower motor drivers, the larger force. Adjust suitable speed according to cutting effect. Use lower speed at the beginning, then turn fast step by step after normal cutting.

3. Repair and Maintenance

3.1 Maintenance


3.1.1 Work done,please Turn off power, clean litter



3.1.2 Protect upper and lower blades when it is not used



3.1.3 The cutter should be added anti-rust oil to it when it is in idle for a long time



3.2 Blade re-sharpening


3.2.1 The cutter is allow to be re-grinded 2~3 times, but this operation should be controlled by professionals, or it will damage the blades

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