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Cleaning machine use method
Mar 13, 2018

Physical method:

1. mechanical cleaning method: cleaning device and scraper cleaning method, drilling pipe cleaning method, shot peening cleaning method.

2. water cleaning method: low pressure hydraulic cleaning (the pressure of low pressure cleaning is 196-686 kPa, about 2-7 kilograms force / square centimeter, equal to 0.2-0.7Mpa).

3. cleaning of high pressure water jet equipment: the pressure of high pressure cleaning is 4 million 900 thousand PPA, about 50 kilograms force / square centimeter, equal to 5Mpa. This method is also called high pressure water jet and high pressure cleaning machine.

Electronic Law:

The principle is to use high frequency electric field to change the molecular structure of water to prevent scale and scale removal. As the water passes through the high frequency electric field, changes in the molecular structure, the original big chain association wyt_dsry, breaking into single water molecules, positive and negative ions in water salt surrounded by a single water molecule, the movement speed is reduced, effectively reducing the number of collisions, electrostatic force drop, not in the heat pipe wall surface structure. In order to achieve the purpose of anti scaling. At the same time, because the dipole moment of water molecules increases, the ability to absorb the positive and negative ions (scale molecules) of the salt increases, which makes the scale on the heating surface or the wall become soft and easy to fall off, resulting in the scale removal effect.

Electrostatic method:

The electrostatic prevention and descaling are the same as the electronic descaling. It is also the purpose of preventing scale and descaling by changing the state of water molecules.  Only the latter takes advantage of the electrostatic field, not the electron. The mechanism is that the water molecule has the polarity (also called dipole). When the water dipole passes through the electrostatic field, each water dipole will be arranged in a continuous order in a positive and negative order. If the water contains dissolved salts, the positive and negative ions will be surrounded by the water dipoles. They are also arranged in the water dipole group according to the order of positive and negative. They cannot move themselves, so they can not be near the tube wall, and then deposit on the tube wall to form scale. At the same time, the oxygen released in the water can produce a thin layer of oxide layer on the tube wall, which can prevent the corrosion of the tube (device) wall.

Chemical method:

The use of chemicals to remove the surface pollution or the covering layer and its chemical reaction, such as the acid washing and alkali washing of the scale layer. In order to prevent corrosion of substrate in chemical cleaning or control the rate of corrosion in the allowable range, we usually add proper amount of corrosion inhibitor and additives to activate, infiltrate and moisten in chemical cleaning fluid. Methods: the method of soaking, circulation and operation is also called non stop chemical cleaning.

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