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How to maintain the cutting machine of the pcb depaneling router machine
Mar 13, 2018

1., when the milling cutter is used, it is necessary to carry out the cleaning and maintenance first, then clean the parts with proper sprinkler, and dilute the dust in the dust, so as to ensure its clean use.

2. in cleaning and maintenance of any dirt does not fall into the spindle. Because this is the core of the milling machine core, so as not to affect its normal work.

The maintenance of the sliding rod and bearing of the 3. milling cutter needs to be used for lubrication and maintenance, and the loose parts need to be tightened.

4., if the tool of a milling cutter is abnormal or vibrate when it is used, it is necessary to stop and check it. When checking, it is necessary to ensure that the power is closed.

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