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How to distinguish manufacturers and distribution traders
Apr 24, 2018

As an automatic soldering machine manufacturer, our company often receives orders from dealers or traders. Usually they will sell automatic soldering machines to their familiar and old customers. Distributors or traders themselves are selling equipment. However, it does not produce machinery and equipment, just buys the machine at the factory, and then sells it to the customers. This process will lead to high prices, and its after-sales service is also difficult to guarantee. It does not perform well and there is no professional after-sales service. Engineers may not be able to deal with faults in a timely manner. Therefore, when purchasing automatic soldering machines, manufacturers must identify who is the manufacturer and who is the trader.


Here we introduce the difference between automatic soldering machine manufacturers and trading dealers.


The biggest difference between automatic soldering machine traders and manufacturers is the price and after-sales service. The purchasers are both worried about how to identify who is the manufacturer and who is the trader. Traders often conceal their identities in order to reach orders, make purchases mistaken for manufacturers, and find the seriousness of the problem after the order is signed, and then fall into a dilemma.


1, from the company's physical picture display, manufacturers will have plant, R & D department, production equipment department, after-sales service department, etc., traders just a small office only, can not display the plant;

2, from the company's address, the manufacturers are generally set up in the industrial zone, traders are usually in the building. Some traders will say is a manufacturer's office, in this case you can further ask the them about manufacturer's address and other information;

3, from the product classification, manufacturers generally have the main product, but not many varieties, the main product of the amount of information will be many. Traders generally have a variety of products, there is no flagship product, the amount of information is not much,and the site's picture is uneven;

4, from the case of view, there are generally manufacturers of soldering experience, the website will be often updated the information related to the flagship product, and product details will be shown more.

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