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How to choose FPC laser cutting machine?
Aug 07, 2018

   [FPC laser cutting] Before we choose FPC laser cutting machine, we must first understand the scope of our business, and need to cut thick metal materials, workbench size and so on. Then choose a device that is suitable for your power, quality, and model.

     At present, FPC laser cutting machine has been suitable for sheet metal processing, sheet metal cutting machine, chassis cabinet, advertising industry, machinery manufacturing and other industries. The main processing formats on the market are 3015 and 2513. Of course, general machine tool manufacturers can customize the size of the workbench according to the requirements of users.

      After determining the above data, we can choose a good manufacturer for sample cutting and field investigation. FPC laser cutting machine is currently superior to metal sheet processing below 16mm. Fiber FPC laser cutting machine is matched with auxiliary gas processing material. The surface is very smooth, the cutting surface is flat without burrs, and the speed is also very fast. The average customer likes this equipment very much. [UV laser cutting machine]

      Secondly, it is necessary to pay attention to the relevant configuration of the FPC laser cutting machine. The size of the laser power directly affects the main performance of the equipment. The carbon steel plate below 8mm is generally selected to be 500W-700w FPC laser cutting machine. It is not necessary to purchase high power. device of.

      FPC laser cutting machine core components laser (IPG / SPI) and cutting head, it is best to choose imported, currently the mainstream IPG or SPI on the market, servo motors, linear guides and other important components are also recommended to import Because these parts affect the cutting essence to some extent.

Degree and efficiency, and also greatly improved in service life.

      Finally, the purchase of FPC laser cutting machine should pay attention to whether the manufacturer has perfect after-sales service. Any kind of sophisticated machine will have various problems in the process of use. If the manufacturer can provide technical support in time after the problem occurs, it is a problem we should consider. We hereby promise that our customers have unresolved technical problems and provide solutions within 24 hours. [FPC laser machine]


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