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How to choose a suitable soldering robot?
Mar 29, 2018

With the continuous improvement of automatic soldering technology, the range of applications of automatic soldering machines is becoming more and more extensive. When we purchase soldering machine equipment, many people often pay attention to prices, but ignore many potential risks. To irreparable serious losses, how should we choose a  suitable soldering robot when we face the market in the large automatic solder machine manufacturers ? Listen to professional automatic soldering machine manufacturers to explain how to choose the right automatic soldering machine.


First, which products can be soldered by automatic soldering machine?

Soldering PCB, FPC board of various electronic components, such as capacitors, resistors, pin headers, cable, shield cover and other perforated plug-in; and all kinds of electronic connectors, LED lamp posts and lights, video and audio cable plugs, headphones Lines, computer data lines, small circuit boards and small electronic components welding. Large-scale mechanical products: motorcycles, automobiles, ships, aircrafts, artificial satellites, etc.; general consumer goods: typewriters, toys, CDs, batteries, etc.; basically better positioned products can be soldered.


Second, how to determine the price of automatic soldering machine?

Need to be based on the customer's product evaluation before the specific quotation, each product will be customized according to different process problems.  The price will not be stipulated.  It can only be said to be not responsible for the customer if the company always has a same price. Customers always want to buy the most affordable products with the highest price-performance ratio. SMTfly Electronic Equipment Manufactory takes the interests of consumers as the starting point and configures the most suitable automatic soldering machine according to the customer's products. (The influencing factors include the difficulty of the welding process of the product itself, the quality and efficiency of the welding, the configuration of the automatic soldering machine, etc.)


Third, how long will it take for the automatic soldering machine solution to be made?

Automatic soldering machine is divided into standard equipment and non-standard equipment.  Customers need to provide application product pictures or send the sample to our company, and the company will have a corresponding engineer to provide the solutions.  If the product is suitable for standard equipment, the solution can generally be made within 2 days.  If the product is suitable for non-standard equipment, the engineer will do fixture sample, soldering efficiency test, and overall operation process for the special product. The solution can generally be completed within 3-4 days.


Fourth, how effective is the automatic soldering robot?

For the current labor cost and management, this problem is also one of the issues that the customer is most concerned about. In principle, one device can replace at least one or more welding proficients. However, due to the working mode of the equipment requires manual ejection and rotation fixtures,  the overall efficiency is always based on the product. If the soldering application is pcb, capacitance, resistance, pin, the overall efficiency is very impressive.

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