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How to become a qualified automatic soldering machine technician?
May 30, 2018

The selection of soldering machine manufacturers and automatic soldering equipment is the most important prerequisite. A stable device plus a thoughtful and thoughtful supplier can provide you with more troubles. In fact, whether the equipment can be used in subsequent use. The real added value is often due to technicians who maintain the equipment. After all, the technicians who have the most contact equipment in subsequent use are the technicians, the technicians who debug the programs, the technicians who set various parameters, and so on. Therefore, the automatic soldering equipment technician plays a crucial role in the use of the following equipment. Since it is so important, what are the conditions for the soldering robot technician?



1. So understand the characteristics of the current product and understand the requirements of the product.


2. Familiar with the soldering process, in particular, has a certain understanding of the principle of soldering iron.

3. Familiar with the operation of soldering machine equipment, skilled to replace the iron head, tin wire. Can quickly adjust the coordinates and related parameters, select the right tip.

4. It is well known that the soldering machine is safe to operate and is trained and qualified by the supplier's related technicians.


 Automatic soldering equipment is used as an automation equipment, but it still requires the commissioning of follow-up technicians during use. Therefore, a qualified user is an important link. The equipment is strict and unreliable, and every user is expected to remain vigilant.

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