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How much do you know about the five parts of the pick and place machine?
Mar 13, 2018

(1) mechanical system

Rack housing: it is the "skeleton" and "skin" of the mounter. It supports all transmission, location and transmission mechanisms, and protects all kinds of mechanical and electrical hardware.

Transmission mechanism: its function is to send PCB to the predetermined position, and then pass it to the next process after the patch is finished.

Servo positioning system: its function is to support the sticker head, to ensure the precision positioning of the patch head; second hand support the PCB bearing platform and to achieve the PCB in the direction of the X--Y movement. The system determines the accuracy of the machine's patch.

(2) recognition and monitoring system

Identification system: in the process of work, identify the attachment performance and location of the identified object (PCB, feeder and component).

Monitoring sensor: mounter is equipped with various types of sensors, such as pressure sensors, negative pressure sensors and position sensors. They are like the eyes of the placement machine, always monitoring the normal operation of the machine. The more applications of sensors, the higher the intelligentized level of the patch machine.

(3) a header system

Sticker is the key part of the placement machine. After picking up components, it can automatically correct the position under the control of the correction system, and paste the components accurately to the designated location.

(4) feeder system

The SMC/SMD is provided in a certain rule and order to the sticker to be picked up accurately, so the number and position of the patch machine are more.

(5) computer software and hardware system

It is the control and operating system of the patch machine, which commands the effective operation of the patch machine.

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