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Factors affecting the service life of the pcb separator
Mar 13, 2018

Just like human body, if you don't cherish your health, you will surely affect your health. It's irresponsible for your life. Although the distributor is a machine tool, it also needs people to cherish it and maintain it, so that we can make sure that the sub machine can serve our work for a long time. This article will work with you to learn some of the factors that affect the lifespan of the board machine so as to be able to take good care of it in the daily use of the board.

The first factor: the quality of the board machine.

The reason is the first sub machine quality factors, because it is the basic guarantee of router's service life, as we humans are born with the same constitution, if a person is born is not good to take care of the day after dogged by bad luck, will not allow him to live as long as the health of normal people. So it is recommended that when you choose the sub machine, you have to consciously choose those good quality sub machine to purchase. It is true that the price of high-quality slitter is not cheap, but people should have long-term development vision for the sub machine.

Second factors: the use of the board.

We also use the human body as an example, if we are in daily life, drinking and smoking irregular and so on are responsible for their own body without any toss profligate health, then one day your body will protest to the US, small ill is ahead of the end of the trip journey. So the board machine to make it to use a longer life, but also will be used, the operator to understand the division of the board and understand the normal operation of the operation.

Third factors: the maintenance of the board machine.

This article begins with the said whether people or machine need care and maintenance, in the high-speed operation of the machine is divided into years of, there will inevitably be some small faults, as we sometimes notice improperly, so the machine can not only make it work, make it appropriate to rest and appropriate for the maintenance of it.

The trigger points just like people, want to use it to trigger points more long life will have to choose high quality, normal operation, active maintenance, we encourage each other.

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