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Development trend of laser welding
Mar 13, 2018

People in the application of laser welding technology at the same time, also continue to conduct in-depth research, aiming at its shortcomings, heating and other heat sources to improve the performance of the laser heating of the workpiece, while maintaining the advantages of laser heating, the laser and other heat source for hybrid welding, the main laser with the arc, laser and plasma arc welding, laser composite and induction and dual laser beam welding. The composite welding can increase the weld penetration, improve the joint performance, reduce the equipment cost, improve the welding speed and productivity. 

In a word, laser welding production efficiency is high, processing quality is stable and reliable, economic and social benefits are good. In the new equipment, new materials, new technology and new technology emerge in an endless stream, constantly updated era, producers not only to understand the characteristics, advantages and requirements of laser welding, we must know many innovations in this field and the future trend, the only way to grasp the technical trend, can always walk in the forefront of the times.

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