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Daily maintenance of the soldering machine and maintenance methods
May 03, 2018


When using automatic soldering machine, we must first look at the automatic soldering machine manual, fully understand it, do a good job of daily maintenance and maintenance, in order to ensure the normal operation of the machine and improve the efficiency of the use of the machine. The following are some of the daily maintenance and maintenance methods for automatic soldering machines. We hope to help everyone!


First, it is necessary to check before starting the machine. Start with the power supply first, and then check if the iron head is intact and if the tin wire is used up.

1, first check whether the thread is used up and the iron head is damaged;

2, plug in the plug;

3, Turn on the power and start working.


Second, Normally, the tin wire should be placed in a dry, cool place to avoid moisture or excessive temperature. When the solder reaches the solder, there will be a small phenomenon of tin blowing when touching the soldering iron head.


Thirdly, when the tin wire is used up, it is recommended that you cut off the tin wire at the front end of the tin feeder and draw it from the front section of the tinning tube (near the tip) so as not to clog the tin feed tube or the tin wire will be cut off. Inside the tube to reduce the time you change the tin wire.


Fourth, when the power is turned on, the power supply is suddenly turned off. This can easily damage the machine. The service life of the machine will also be reduced. You should turn off the power and turn off the power.


Fifth, after the end of each day's work, it is recommended that you use alcohol to clean the iron tip and the flux of the front section of the tube (near the tip) to facilitate the smooth operation of the next day.


Sixth, customers who use anti-tin blasting tin are generally required to check whether the broken tin tooth on the blade is damaged for about three months, so as not to affect the use of tin anti-explosion.


Seventh, when replacing the tin wire, please make sure that the tin wire is placed in the correct position of the tinning gear, and at the same time, the tinning tube must be locked in order to avoid loosening during the tin feeding process, thereby increasing the corresponding tin feed failure. Extend your precious time.


Eighth, when replacing the iron head, please turn off the power of the whole machine, and turn off the power of the temperature controller. At the same time, ensure that the temperature of the soldering iron tip has been reduced to the touchable range. Replace it to avoid damage to the tip or to occur. scald.


Ninth, during the welding process, it is forbidden to touch the iron head by hand, and the lower tin wire to avoid burns. During operation of the machine, it is forbidden that any part of the body goes deep into the operating area of the machine in order to avoid unnecessary accidents (self-prevention awareness is strong and dozing is prohibited).


Tenth, the three general principles of replacement of the iron head: First, there is no temperature of the iron head, and second, the tip of the iron head is found to be perforated, and the third is that the number of defective products is obviously increased. In these three cases, it is basically necessary to replace the iron head.


Eleventh, if the product is found to be misplaced or not put into place during the operation of the machine or an unexpected situation occurs, press the red emergency stop button on the machine table to avoid damage to your product and your own safety.


Twelfth, solder pen heater core if it is damaged during use, please directly to the manufacturer to purchase or replace. It is strictly forbidden to open it indiscriminately to cause unnecessary trouble. It is generally recommended that you back up one during the use process, and replace it in time if it is damaged, so as not to affect your production schedule. At the same time, you will purchase a heater core as a spare part.


Thirteenth, when placing the product for welding, it is forbidden for the product or tooling fixture to hit the iron head, so as to avoid the offset of the tip position and increase the unnecessary adjustment time.


The fourteenth, the use of solder flux in the process of the machine itself, the smoke generated will be relatively large, it is recommended that the factory equipped with a smoke device, to provide a clean working environment for the use of staff, here is the best 4 to 5 machines to stay One person, let them control and avoid accidents.


The fifteenth, the use of the machine during the rest period if more than 10 minutes, it is recommended that you turn off the temperature controller to avoid oxidation of the iron head in the high temperature process, in order to increase the service life of the iron head.


Sixteenth, programming, please follow the relevant training of the manufacturer engineer or operate according to the operating instructions.


Seventeenth, in the process of cleaning the iron head, it is forbidden to use a trowel to remove the iron head, so as not to damage the plating on the iron head and reduce the service life of the iron head. It is recommended that you use a special tip to clean the sponge (do not take too much water) or a small blade for cleaning.


Eighteenth, in the replacement of tin wire or tin wire plugging required to re-worn the tin wire, it is generally the use of cutting pliers or scissors to send the front section of the tin tube (close to the tip of the iron) to highlight the tin wire to cut short, so as not to A small ball caused a blockage in the feed tube and it was impossible to pull the wire from the feed tube.


The nineteenth, the front section of the tube (close to the tip of the soldering iron), when the machine is adjusted, the distance from the tip of the iron head is about 3 to 5 millimeters. It should not be too high (easy to be damaged by the iron head) or Too backward (easily deflecting the tin wire) to avoid clogging of the tin wire or deviation of the soldering tin.


Twentieth, at the end of each day's work, the operator is required to turn off the power of the machine and the temperature controller to save electricity (preferably unplug the plug to avoid lightning).

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