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Artificial soldering hazards
Apr 18, 2018



  First, the solder used in factories today has a low melting point of about 60% lead and about 40% tin, so solder itself is toxic. Most of the solder on the market is hollow and contains rosin. Rosin itself is a chemical agent. When soldering, the gas generated by the melting and volatilization of the rosin in the tin wire is a toxic gas, which has great harm to the human body.


  Second, lead in solder is a toxic heavy metal, which has great harm to the human body. Even lead-free solder contains a certain amount of lead. The limits of lead smoke in GBZ2-2002 are very low and toxic.


Third, when we use soldering iron solder, it will produce a certain amount of radiation. This radiation has a certain impact on the human body, especially for the development of the embryo, which has a great impact on the industry for a long time, and may even lead to infertility Infertility.


  Fourth, the smog produced during the soldering process contains chemical agents and tin fumes. The damage to the eyes is also very great.

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