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AOI equipment detection or visual inspection is good?
Jun 30, 2018

Prior to the development of aoi equipment detection technology, basically all employees were visually inspected. Since it is necessary to know whether it is aoi equipment detection or visual inspection, of course there is a better understanding of the source of the problem. Under the requirements of high-volume, high-quality production, aoi technology came into being. The purpose of AOI was to solve the problem of enterprise quality assurance. Of course, there is still a large part of the company, the scale is small, the production volume is not big, it is also a fact. In fact, AOI equipment detection and visual inspection have their own characteristics:


Visual inspection advantages

Convenient, simple action, a certain basic smt operator, can be competent;

With high flexibility, no matter how good the equipment is, it can only be artificial, not as good as people, with the ability to make flexible judgments;

The initial cost is low. In the initial period, only labor costs are invested, and there is no large expenditure;

It is easy to import, through the means of communication, and instruction on process operations, etc. In the morning, you can study in the morning and check the product quality in the afternoon.

AOI equipment detection advantages

High repetitive utilization, can operate 24 hours; the same type of pcb, no need to repeat programming;

The detection performance is stable and not affected by human emotions;

Belongs to a one-time investment, with few subsequent expenditure items;

High quality and trustworthiness.

Through the above comparison, we found that AOI equipment testing and employee visual inspection have their own advantages. The current electronic companies are also of different sizes. It is impossible to say absolutely which kind of detection method is good. What is certain is that we can give the most suitable combination and combination to meet the requirements of each customer. The following Xiao Hu will give you a detailed introduction:


Is there any missing AOI? Of course, it is best to exempt from inspections that everyone wants to see. However, it is unrealistic that quality management in Six Sigma is one millionth of the quality defects. Therefore, aoi machines and people will have misjudgments and missed judgments. For production, we can do some corresponding correspondence improvement in order to achieve higher and more perfect quality requirements. Regarding the relationship between aoi and quality, please refer to <Aoi optical detector and quality management from the perspective of reducing misjudgment rate. > Part of the content, do not make a lawsuit here.


If you do not calculate the time, the detection rate of the personnel will be slightly higher than the detection rate of the machine test; if the same time, and repeatability, the detection of the equipment will be better than the personnel inspection. The AOI also has undetected defects. For instance, due to restrictions on procedures and equipment, it is necessary to add a visual inspection insurance. With the help of AOI, and then visual inspection, the visual inspection of components below 0402 can not be done. It can be detected by AOI and visual inspection of false positives. The use of AOI+ICT is certainly good, but the circuit board of a small component, ICT no place under the needle. Of course, do not rely on inspections, statistics, troubleshooting, and find out how to improve the process. Creating fewer defects is the fundamental method. AOI+ is an ideal way to check the quality. After AOI feedback is poor, AOI equipment is difficult to detect. Checklists allow manual focus checking of blind or difficult-to-check components of AOI detection.


Therefore, we can draw the conclusion that companies with high quality requirements, budgeted funds, large production volumes, and delivery deadlines only, and companies that do not have time for visual inspections, recommend purchasing an AOI device. And those companies that have low quality requirements, single products, no production volume, and no deadline pressure do not have to waste this money; if you are willing to invest, develop production, please consider the budget investment aoi automatically Optical detectors; Moreover, AOI devices currently on the market offer trial services. Try to buy them and why not?

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