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Advantages and Disadvantages of Increasing the Efficiency of Offline AOI Equipment
May 17, 2018

The benefits of offline AOI device efficiency improvements:

1. Saving expenses and saving costs are the most important capital-saving items for improving the offline aoi efficiency, and the efficiency has been improved. The demand for on-line aoi equipment is reduced. Instead of spending large sums of money, add more expensive online aoi detectors because offline aoi has met production needs.

2. Increasing production efficiency is the most direct factor in the management of the plant after offline aoi efficiency. The efficiency has increased, and the number of batches of products produced naturally increases.

3. Shorten delivery time and improve product competitiveness, is the most direct performance of aoi equipment efficiency in the market, as a professional Shenzhen aoi equipment supplier, this is a profound experience, smt factory made money, only more It has the ability to purchase new equipment to ensure product quality.

The disadvantages of improving the efficiency of offline AOI equipment

1. The degree of automation is not high, it is a vulnerable project that offline aoi equipment can't avoid. After all, online aoi detection equipment can work together with the production line, while offline aoi cannot, offline aoi as the castrated online function itself is not Exist, so not much to explain here.

2. The lack of furnace detection is the most important and significant difference between off-line aoi and on-line aoi equipment. To achieve furnace detection, it means synchronous operation. In this respect, off-line aoi does not have this function and advantage. . Obvious reason, not much to explain.

3. One of the ways to increase the off-line aoi efficiency is to use the off-line aoi equipment behind the reflow soldering so that after the pcb soldering is completed, it can directly detect the off-line aoi equipment. One of the most effective ways. After the high-temperature reflow operation, the exhaust gas discharged during the welding process cannot be completely treated 100%. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, the air pollution level is inversely proportional to the perfection of the company's equipment due to the limitation of conditions. Our front-line employees are faced with such a long-term and harsh environment. Occupational disease prevention is always ignored. When the illness occurs, it is too late. Relatively small companies are saying that you are ready to face employee claims?


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