Water-based PCBA Washing Machine

PCBA On-line Cleaning Machine Cleaning Diagram: PCBA On-line Cleaning Machine Features : 1、 Suitable for high-volume cleaning, online water purification, drying all the processes; 2、 Excellent cleaning effect, effective removal of water-soluble flux, no-clean flux and other organic and inorganic...
Product description

PCBA On-line Cleaning Machine Cleaning Diagram:



PCBA On-line Cleaning Machine Features

1、 Suitable for high-volume cleaning, online water purification, drying all the processes;

2、 Excellent cleaning effect, effective removal of water-soluble flux, no-clean flux and other organic and inorganic pollutants;

3、 The overall stainless steel body is durable, acid and alkaline cleaning fluid;

4、 Wind knife cut water + long infrared hot air circulation drying section;

5、 Optional spray cleaning knife, so that cleaning better;

6、 Multi - zone operation of water washing process;

7、 Lower equipment investment costs;

8、 Short lead times;

9、 Localized service teams as well as adequate spare parts supply.

Misprinted PCB Cleaner  Device configuration

1、Mesh belt conveyor system : width: 600mm

Platen system : Mesh with parallel operation system ,the PCBA board less then 60*60(mm)can be a fixture; optional mesh belt shape : standard One shape ;

2、High pressure wind cutting + infrared hot air circulation drying unit

3、14″ PC control full Chinese / English operation interface

4、System can count capacity, outboard sensor system

5、Rinse water quality resistivity monitoring system


Chinese operation interface

Inlet / outlet mesh conveyor system

Emergency stop button

Out, into the board anti-fog induction memory system (capacity count, board, standby)



PCB Cleaning Equipment The last spray stage

✓ Nozzle control valve flowmeter monitoring

✓ Guaranteed cleanliness update front-end rinse water

✓10~15L/Min  the introduction of DI water

✓ Boost to 80Psi, penetrate the bottom of the device gap


Water-based PCBA Washing Machine  Cleaning Stage

1、Filled with DI water automatically

2、DI water overflows to chemical isolation section

3、Immersed SUS High Efficiency Heater: Turns on for 15 minutes to heat up quickly

4、PID temperature control system: temperature control accuracy ± 1 ℃, with temperature compensation control system
5、Up and down pressure regulation control, before and after the pressure gauge display

6、Spray module easy to remove the spray bar (SUS nozzle): spray vertical angle adjustable, quick disassembly and maintenance

7、No large area of the water jet device

8、High performance 10 HP centrifugal

pump stainless steel pump
9、Quick Release Stainless Steel High

Pressure Piping System
10、Removable filter
11、Separate drain valve

12、Redundant low level protection,

high alarm function

13、Dislocation Arrangement nozzles

eliminate blind spots


Industrial PCB Cleaner Wind cutting, drying stage:

✓ Air knife module, 1 up 1 down knife ( 2 up 1 down knife * option )
✓ 10HP high performance turbo fan
✓ Front blower pressure gauge
✓ Custom designed adjustable air knife efficient drying

✓ Height and angle can adjustable


PCBA Washer Machine Exhaust channel

✓ Concealed ducts
✓10“ external exhaust


SMT PCB Cleaners Pure water cleaning production line


Process flow

Put board——Pure water pre-wash——Pure water cleaning——second pure water cleaning——final spray——Wind cut and dry——spare wind cut and dry——drying




basis:according to pcb board size 600mmX100mm, 1 "plate spacing, 0.3 ~ 0.4 m / min working speed

Yield:about 25m / hour(This production is for reference only, subject to   practice)

Working size

maximum:600mm(W)X100mm(H) L=∞

Minimal:60mmX60mm(Need fixture fixed)


Working speed

0.1—1.5m/min adjustable;suggested transfer to 0.3—0.4m/min

Conveying surface height


Conveying surface width


The direction of board

Left into right out (View from the front window of the unit)


About 12M³/Min(Clean the ventilation volume of the equipment)


Using notebook + PLC control

net weight

About 1500KG

Power requirements

AC380 3P 50Hz 70KW 95A(running current 80A)

Cleaning area spray mechanism Up and down two groups of 55 asymmetric arranged nozzles


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