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The Introduction of PCBA Automatic Cleaning Machine: SMTfly-5600 Offline automatic PCBA cleaning machine is an integration of high-end cleaning machine,with energy-saving environmental protection, bulk cleaning, it can complete the cleaning, rinsing, drying function automatically . Mainly used...
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The Introduction of PCBA Automatic Cleaning Machine:

SMTfly-5600 Offline automatic PCBA cleaning machine is an integration of high-end cleaning machine,with energy-saving environmental protection, bulk cleaning, it can complete the cleaning, rinsing, drying function automatically .

Mainly used for aviation, aerospace, medical, new energy, automotive electronics and other industries high-end products, multi-species, small and medium-sized PCBA board cleaning ,it can effectively clean the SMT/THT PCBA after welding the surface of the residual rosin flux, water-soluble flux, no-clean flux / solder paste and other organic and inorganic pollutants.

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The Instructions of PCB Industry Precision Cleaning Equipment:



Pictures of PCBA Automatic Washing Machine


matching DI water machine  


control of electric box


the internal piping of machine

Instructions of SMTfly-5600 PCBA Cleaning Basket



Instructions of Cleaning Process:

1 The introduction of cleaning process


2 Cleaning method


3 Comparison of cleaning results


4 Specifications of Cleaning Equipment Manufacturers:



Cleaning area size:

610mm(L)*560mm(W)*160mm(H) 2 layers

Concentration tank capacity:


Dilution tank capacity:


Spray tank capacity:


Spray tank heater power:


Cleaning time:

0~99 Min (adjustable)

Cleaning temperature (liquid):

room temperature -75 ℃ (adjustable)

Rinse time:

1 min/ time (1-59 times / adjustable)

Rinse temperature (DI water):

room temperature -75 degrees(adjustable)

Drying time:

0~99 Min (adjustable)

Resistivity meter monitoring   range:


Solvent tank heater power:




Drying temperature:

room temperature - 99 ℃(adjustable)  

Drying heater power / KW:


Jet pressure:

30PSI - 90PSI/(adjustable)

Chemical liquid level filter:

0.22μm (Filtrate: Paste, Rosin, Flux and Contaminants)

DI water filter:

0.22μm (Filtrate: Paste, Rosin, Flux and Contaminants)

water intake:

1 inch fast junction interface


1 inch fast junction interface

Port of discharge chemical liquid:  

1 inch fast junction interface

Real-time pressure gauge:

3PC (Nozzle / DI water / waste)

Horizontal spray pump:


Exhaust size:


Power supply / gas source:

AC380V 50HZ 65A/0.45MPa~0.7MPa

Net weight:



1400mm(L)×1350mm(W)× 1830mm(H)

5) Features of High Accuracy PCB Washing Machine:

1、 Full process visualization : The cleaning room is equipped with a visual window,fitted with lights inside, you can see the cleaning process clearly.

2、automatic cleaning mode: In a cleaning room with a spray to complete the cleaning, rinsing, drying the whole cleaning process volume occupied area is small, compact structure;

3、The most scientific nozzle (patent): Using the left and right incremental distribution --- to enhance the cleaning efficiency, the upper and lower dislocation distribution - solve the cleaning blind spot completely

4、nozzle pressure adjustable design: It solved the small size of PCBA in the cleaning under high pressure spray conditions under the collision, splash problem;

5、Standard dilution tank heating system: Greatly improve the cleaning efficiency. Shorten the cleaning time ;

6、A comprehensive cleaning system: It can effective clean the SMT; THT PCBA after welding remain on the surface of the residual rosin, water-soluble flux, no-clean flux / solder paste and other organic and inorganic pollutants.

7、 convenient way of add the cleaning agent: It can be manually added, but also by setting the proportion (5% ~ 25%) with DI water and chemical solution automatically;

8、Dedicated spray tank and auxiliary heating system: The spray bath is the working tank where the cleaning plate is to be stored during the cleaning and rinsing. Cleaning process, the solvent from the dilution tank into the spray tank and continuous heating, pressurized by the high-pressure pump spray from the spray, followed by the use of circular filtration; rinse process, the spray tank is stored in deionized water, and then Pressurized by the high-pressure pump from the nozzle after the rinse water can be heated as needed;

9、Lower operating costs: Built-in filter device can be used to achieve the solvent recycling, reduce the amount of solvent used in the end of the clean air blowing method: the recovery of the pipeline and the pump residual liquid, can effectively save 50% ;

10、concentration compensation: Dilution of the liquid after repeated use of reduced concentration, affecting the cleaning effect and cleaning efficiency, but not dirty enough, waste and waste, concentration compensation can improve the effective use of liquid, add the amount of adjustable.

(6)Auxiliary equipment connection diagram:



(7)Operation, cleaning, control :

The use of stable and reliable imported brand color touch screen + PLC control, one-button mode of operation, cleaning objects are easy to load, and in the same cleaning room to complete the cleaning, rinsing, drying process , To avoid frequent loading or transfer of objects to be cleaned, so in the object cleaning process does not require manual repeated to move, greatly reduce the labor intensity, to achieve advanced technology to better serve the purpose of all walks of life.

The Improvement of the Third Generation of New PCBA Washing Machine :

1. Rotation axis in the cleaning room : Cleaning room rotating shaft to change the structure and material, get rid of the previous industry PCBA washing machine rotary shaft easy to wear a common problem, every 6 to 12 months to replace the defect, the new rotation shaft mechanism without replacement.

2. Cleaning chamber, middle and lower spray bar pressure monitoring Cleaning room, the middle and the next three spray bar pressure display and monitoring, can be adjusted independently, corresponding to most of the customer before the pressure control to improve the requirements. Cleaning basket up and down 2 layers can be placed different PCBA, adjustable spray bar pressure to correspond. When the 2-layer cleaning basket is only placed on a layer of PCBA cleaning, you can also close one of the spray bar.

3. Software improvement Function more powerful, especially the machine alarm and error indication function, so that customers can use the process according to the instructions to troubleshoot.

4. Shape and size : Optimize the appearance of the machine and the key arrangement, more beautiful. Smaller size, less space :1300x1200x1850mm(LxWxH)。

5. Electrical configuration According to the domestic manufacturers and export requirements matching: All the electrical components used: Mitsubishi, Schneider, CKD, Omron and other well-known brands.


Q: How to install the machine?

A: After receiving our machine, customers do not need to install it and can use it directly.

Q: How to operate the machine? Is training necessary?

A: The machine is mainly controlled by software. It's very easy, not complicated. Before shipment, we will make a simple operation manual with pictures and provide user manual of software. Generally speaking, an operator, who is not familiar with the machine before, can still operate it very well. According to customers' requests, we can send our technician to customers' plant for machine training or customers can come to our plant for machine training if needed.

Q: In case machine exists problem, how to do after sales service?

A: We provide one year machine warranty. During one-year warranty, in case machine exists problem, we will provide parts required with free of charge by express. But as for the parts damaged by artificially, it does not fall within our warranty list. After the warranty, we still provide lifetime service.

Q: What's package?

A: We have 3 layers package. For the outside, we adopt plywood case. In the middle, the machine is covered by foam, to protect the machine from shaking. For the inside layer, the machine is covered by waterproof plastic bag.

Q: What's delivery time?

A: Generally speaking, lead time is 5-7 working days after receiving the payment.

Q: Can we add a protection cover?

A: Yes, we can add a protection cover if you need. We can customize the design as customers' requests.

CE Approval of Our PCB Cleaner:


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