High Resolution Automatic SMT AOI Test Machine

High Resolution Automatic SMT AOI Machine Feature: 1、The new structure design is accord with human body engineering. 2、The software supports the database control, can emote programming and the debugging, and carries on the data collection and the analysis. 3、The software support for offline...
Product description

High Resolution Automatic SMT AOI Machine Feature:

1、The new structure design is accord with human body engineering.

2、The software supports the database control, can emote programming and the debugging, and carries on the data collection and the analysis.

3、The software support for offline programming and off-line debugging.

4、Single box multi algorithm combination, the programming interface more concise and clear.

5、The AOI machine can interact directly with NG BUFFER and other machines through the specific communication protocol.

Easy to operate and multi-function AOI


It can be placed at several quality controlling points in SMT line to check 2D paste printing quality,inspect component defects before reflow soldering, inspect PCBA quality after reflip soldering and DIP wave soldering.

New light source design


The Z588 adopts multi angle Light source design , through different angles of illumination to sampling the details of the characteristics of the object to be detected, accurately obtain the assembly and welding information posted element,detected the NG accurately.

Solder ball inspection function


Through the surface color, brightness,solder ball shape and color feature to inspect if there is any solder ball on the PCB. The machine can inspect the solder ball surround the component,

also can inspect the whole PCB through the inspection frame.

BGA inspection function

This function used before mounting toinspect if there are insufficient solder,missing ball, solder bridge and so on.


Automatic AOI for PCBA  Specifications:





Recognition System


Using multiple algorithm synthetically such as WIDM, Color Image contrast technology, Color extracting technology, similarity, two-value handling technology, OCR/OCV, Solder ball inspection, PTH analysis and so on.


Distal and high speed color CCD camera: 20 um


4 Rings RGBB LED lamp-house,with special coaxial optical for option.


40.96mm×40.96mm (20um)30.7mm*30.7mm (15um)

Image Processing Speed

0201 Chip


Per-image Time


Inspection Item

Paste Printing Defects

Misaligned, overflow, insufficient, pasting open, stain

Components Defects

Missing, shift, skewed, tombstone,billboard, overturned,reversed polarity, wrong, damage

Solder Defects

Overflow, insufficient, short solder, stain

Wave Solder Inspect

Overflow, insufficient, short solder, excess solder, solder void

Mechanism System

PCB conveyor

Left to right(Optional, right to left)PCB fixing: bottom-up,PCB warp correction.Automatic PCB loading andunloading, Adjustable clearance, Conforming SMEMA standard.Orbit clearance: 900±20mm

PCB sizes

50×50mm-400×330mm 50×50mm-510×460mmcan make bigger size according to clients’ demands

PCB Thickness


PCB Warp tolerance


Component clearance


X,Y platform & Z axis


AC server,camera moves in the directions of X/Y



Moving Speed


Operation System

Microsoft Windows 7*64

Controlling & Recognizing


Set template images real time, count data and error gate value automatically. Three marks correction, ,input CAD datelocate the templates automatically,the operator can combine algorithms according to the requirement.



Offline Programming

Offline programming and Offline debugging



CPU:Intel dual-core, Memory:16G, Harddisk:1TB


19 inch TFT

22 inch TFT

Multi Machine Control

The operator can control multi same machines in the control terminal


Machine Dimensions(L*W*H)






Power Supply

AC220V, 10%, single phase 5A 50/60HZ, power consumption 1000W with UPS inside

Working Environment

Temperature10-40℃, humidity 30-80% RH

Factory Direct Sales Inline Smt Aoi Machine  Our Service:

Before sale

♦Our salesman will try to know more about your demands , including the max working size, main processing  materials and the thickness , so we will offer you suit machine

During production

♦We   will send the production the machine pictures for customer in time , customer   can know more the detailed machine parts

Before shipping

♦The machine parts will  be installed and tested by our professional technician, send the test video  according to customer’s processing materials for customer confirmations

After shipping

♦We will check when the  machine arrive your sea port or the approximate arrival date, so that the customer can know the arrival date and to prepare to pick the machine up


♦The English manual and  operating video will be sent to customers with the machine together, it will  help customer how to operate the machine , it there is any question about the  operation , we will have the professional technician to help them how to   operate by online ,until the customer can use it freely

Our warranty

♦We guarantee the  machine for  2~3 years,some machine parts ( quality problems ) can be  free charge to replace it within warranty

Packing Detail:

1.)Inner package:waterproof plastic film.
2.)Outer package:standard export plywood case.
3.)Of course, we also can package depend on your request.


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